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First Expressed Sesame Oil
Roasting in an oven (day 1)

Sesame Artisans use their intuition to regulate the length and amount of heat for roasting sesame seeds in a huge iron oven, depending on the weather conditions of each day. They catch the moment when the nice fragrance starts to come out of the roasted sesame seeds.

Expressing (day 1)

Roasted sesame seeds will be then compressed. Only the thirty percent of the total expressed oil will be stored in a drum tin until it cools down to be used as products.

Hot-water Washing and Natural Sedimentation (day 2)

The sesame professionals pour hot water into the drum tins, stir the contents, and leave it for three weeks. Meanwhile, water with impurities settles in the bottom and oil floats on top of it retaining nutrition of sesame seeds.
It is the key not to hasten this process of separation of impurities from pure sesame oil.

Refinement (in 3 weeks to one month)

The sesame professionals separate pure oil from the rest and move it to an iron pot, heat it to remove the remaining water. A very delicate heat control is required for creating a perfect balance between removing water and retaining the nutrient called “sesamol” without being destroyed.
The last step is to filter the sesame oil. That is how you get a first golden drop of pure sesame oil after one month of hard work!