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Hot Sesame Oil
Preparation of ingredients

Sesame Artisans wash and cut fragrant organic green onion and fresh ginger produced in Japan.

Cooking of ingredients

They cook the green onion and ginger in low temperature using the extra-virgin sesame oil. A very special kind of Japanese chili pepper, Takanotsume, will be added; it has a spicy as well as some sweet taste.

Leaving it to mature

The cooked hot sesame oil will be kept in storage. Meanwhile the oil will absorb the taste of the ingredients and become pure and clear as all the sediments remain in the bottom.

Bottling by hand in jars

Company’s Henko staff places one red pepper in a jar and introduces hot sesame oil in it by hand.

Finishing by placing labels

Henko staff takes time to prepare, cook, and pack this special hot sesame oil. That is how you get well-seasoned pure hot sesame oil with rich taste.