Yamada Sesame Oil Manufacturing Company is a local business in Kyoto that produces premium quality homemade sesame oil and other sesame products for sale.

Company’s Principles

Since our company’s beginnings, we are committed to creating only the best products that serve people and society. The following are our founding principles:

  1. Do not use any additives and preservatives such as MSG
  2. Take all the necessary time and care to create the best products
  3. Make products with transparency and integrity


The First Henko President

The first henko president of Yamada Sesame Oil Manufacturing Company, Yutaka Yamada, (grandfather of the current president) moved to Katsura, Kyoto after the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923. Yutaka became a driver of the newly established Hankyu railway which operated between Osaka and Kyoto. He loved working as a train driver but the intensity of his job caused his health to deteriorate over time. While searching for methods to regain his health, he met Mr. Sakurazawa, founder of the Macrobiotic Diet. Under Mr.Sakurazawa’s advice, Yutaka adopted the macrobiotic diet and noticed great improvements in his health. Pleased with the results, Mr. Sakurazawa suggested to Yutaka that he should be making products which serve people and society as a whole. That is how the first henko president started producing his renowned first pressed sesame oil.

In the beginning Yutaka not only produced sesame oil but made Japanese noodles such as soba and udon by milling his own flour. He also cultivated rice by digging his own well as he wanted to secure safe and clean water for his rice. Yutaka was completely henko in the sense that he did not compromise in order to produce safe and chemical-free products which serve people and society.
* Henko is the Japanese word for “stubborn” and perfectly captures the founder’s passion and uncompromising attitude in creating high-quality products

The Present

Using traditional manufacturing methods inherited from our founder, we continue to make products that conform to the highest quality standards and stay true to his legacy.

Food Manufacturing Industry (Sesame oil/sesame products)

Yamada Sesame Oil Manufacturing Company started out with the production of our “first pressed sesame oil” which is also the signature product of our brand.
We currently produce a wide range of premium quality sesame products and side dishes incorporating only the finest selection of sesame products.

First Pressed Sesame Oil
Yamada Sesame Oil Manufacturing Company’s sesame oil is extracted only from the first pressing, leaving most of its nutrients and flavours intact. This produces the best quality of sesame oil that sets us apart from other brands.
Roasted Sesame Seeds
Our roasted sesame seeds are known for their signature fragrance. The roasting process is completed once the seeds release a sweet-smelling aroma.
Sesame Paste
Rich and creamy sesame paste ground with a double millstone.

Company Overview

Company Name Yamada Sesame Oil Manufacturing Company
Representative Director President Koichi Yamada
Business Purpose Cooking oil manufacturing industry
Production and sales of sesame oil, sesame paste, roasted sesame seeds and other sesame products
Date Founded January 1934
Date Established 9 December 1993
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Number of Employees 50
Associated Company Piccollo Mondo Yamada Company

Katsura Main Office & Shop

4 Tatsumi-cho, Katsura, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto 〒615-8075

Toll-free number:0120-157-508

Katsura Main Office and Reception:9:30~17:00(Closed on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays)

Katsura Shop:10:00~19:00(Open all year round except for the New Year holidays)